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Andrew J. Offutt

The Iron Lords

War of the Gods on Earth: Book 1

Andrew J. Offutt

A savage tragedy rocked Jarik's world that day. In one moment he was orphaned, again, without village, without purpose, without anywhere to belong - but not alone.

He set off on a quest for vengeance and glory, to lay waste to the hawkers who had destroyed his village with murder, rape and fire. By his side was his sister Torsy, and inside of him was another. Someone who couldn't exist, shouldn't exist, but did.

On his journey across the sea he looks not only for revenge but to unroot his unknown origins, as well as those of Oak, his mysterious counterpart. And to cure his adoptive sister Torsy of her shock and find a place they can truly belong.

Along the way he becomes embroiled in struggles with in godly legend and humanly vices, battling marauders, his host village and social isolation daily.

And now he undertakes his greatest lesson: learning the arts of war.

His destiny is unfolding before him, but down two different paths.

The path of the great healer, or of the violent avenger?

He must decide.

Shadows Out of Hell

War of the Gods on Earth: Book 2

Andrew J. Offutt

Healer. Killer. Jarik Blacksword is as schooled in the terrors of war as he is skilled in the wizardry of healing. One hand bears the magic blade that hungers for the very flesh that the other hand yearns to heal.

And now, in his most dreaded adventure ever, he is sent on a quest past world's end by the woman he must serve, then slay!

The Lady of the Snowmist

War of the Gods on Earth: Book 3

Andrew J. Offutt

Jarik Blacksword has ties with the gods.

He wields the almighty, powerful Black Sword and bears the bonds of the gods. However, he is given his freedom from these bonds by the Lady of the Snowmist, who instead binds him in a blood-tie to ensure his part is played in the war that rages between the gods.

Jarik and his warrior-woman companion Jilain soon find themselves caught in the middle of a bloody struggle.

On the one side, there are the Iron Lords who desperately long for the Lady of the Snowmist's demise and will stop at nothing to destroy her. The other side is that of the Lady of the Snowmist, who may not be as evil as the Iron Lords claim she is.

However, once The Lady of the Snowmist freed Jarik of his god-bonds, she did not anticipate the boundless rage of Jarik's god-sword... nor which side he will support.

Will he become a friend or a foe of the mystical sorceress? Soon he and Jilain will discover that the wrong decision could cost them their lives...

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