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Edgar Pangborn


Tales of a Darkening World: Book 1

Edgar Pangborn

Davy, who relates his own story, was born in a brothel and raised in an orphanage; he travels in many directions, but always away from ignorance. His adventures are varied and range from tragic to boisterously funny.

The Judgement of Eve

Tales of a Darkening World: Book 2

Edgar Pangborn

It's after the Holocaust when the almost-barren world has reverted to animal primitivism & the law of the hunter is the only recognized order. One May night three men accidentally converge at a desolate farm where blind Alma Newman & her daughter, Eve, eke out a bare, defenseless existence. The men--thoughtful, crippled Claudius; Ethan of imperfect simplicity; Kenneth with a touch of ham--fall in love with Eve. In spite of her innocence, the girl has the sure instincts of another Eve & before deciding on which of the men she wants she sends them out into the world again to test them, to have them bring back answers to her questions: What is courage? Honesty? Maturity? Laughter? Love?

The Judgment of Eve is a tale of fantasy. It's also a romance, an adventure story, a quest, a passionate search by three men for answers which, as the wisest will know, lie within Eve herself.

The Company of Glory

Tales of a Darkening World: Book 3

Edgar Pangborn

Behold Demetrios!

With the same rich imagination and dazzling insights that won him the International Fantasy Award, Edgar Pangborn weaves a magical tapestry set far in man's future.

It is a time when man, struggling to rise above the ashes of nuclear holocaust, has returned to the simpler values and lifestyle of medieval times. And in this society, Demetrios the storyteller is revered among men for his captivating tales of the Old Time, with its miraculous Telephones, and Jet Planes, and TV, and Automobiles. But Demetrios is also feared - for one storyteller with a head full of ancient truth can be dangerous.

So Demetrios is forced to flee, with six compatriots, and together they embark on a journey full of unexpected sorrows, and unimagined delights, a journey through realms of fantasy, philosophy, and rich human possibility, which the reader will be delighted and privileged to share.

Still I Persist in Wondering

Tales of a Darkening World: Book 4

Edgar Pangborn

The waters rose, and darkness was upon the earth.

For a few decades after the Twenty-Minute War and the Red Plague, there were those who remembered the ways and pleasures of civilization, but soon the harsh realities of life in the flooded seaboard of North America pushed the survivors into a new Dark Age - an age of superstition and brutality, but one of seeking and poetry as well. This is the world of Edgar Pangborn's classic Davy, portrayed here over centuries of its change and growth. Here are heretics, and harpers, crusaders and cowards, magicians and mundane folk, in a stunning cycle of stories that have timeless quality of legend.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction: The Country Called Edgar - essay by Spider Robinson
  • Author's Note - essay
  • The Children's Crusade - (1974) - novelette
  • Harper Conan and Singer David - (1975) - novelette
  • The Legend of Hombas - (1974) - novelette
  • Tiger Boy - (1972) - novelette
  • The Witches of Nupal - (1974) - novelette
  • My Brother Leopold - (1973) - novelette
  • The Night Wind - (1974) - novelette
  • Bibliography - essay

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