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The Goddess of Atvatabar

Leonaur Classic Science Fiction

William R. Bradshaw

Being the History of the Discovery of the Interior World and Conquest of Atvatabar...

is a Utopian hollow Earth novel using Symmesian geography from the ideas of John Cleves Symmes, Jr.

Entering the interior of the world via a Symmes Hole, the protagonists from the world above find an advanced civilization who use spiritual power to do everything from maintain youth to resurrect the dead. In a civil war that erupts following the Atvatabar Goddess's love for a surface man, Lexington White, the ruling powers are overthrown and Lexington White becomes the new king of Atvatabar, the Goddess his queen, and rich trade relations with the surface are opened.

The Interplanetary Adventures of Dr. Kinney

Leonaur Classic Science Fiction

Homer Eon Flint

Dr Kinney takes off into space in this unique collection:

  • The Lord of Death
  • The Queen of Life
  • The Devolutionist
  • The Emancipatrix

These are the four colourful space opera adventures of Dr. William Kinney and his team of scientists and technicians written by the almost as colourful Homer Eon Flint. These brilliant tales will delight all enthusiasts of early science fiction. Join Kinney and Co. aboard their 'sky car' for a flight to the planet Mercury to investigate why it is a place of death and fallen civilisation. On Venus, in a hothouse society beneath a dome, live bizarre humanoid people, highly evolved and reaching for spiritual nirvana?

But is all peace and tranquillity? Experience with Dr.Kinney and his companions the strange sensation of out of body transportation as they journey to the planet Capellette, where they support revolutionaries to overthrow despotism. Finally our intrepid team transport themselves to the planet Sanus where highly evolved bees rule. In the hive city it is humankind that is held in thrall as the price for its devastation of the environment and Kinney must ensure that Mankind is given another chance. These are Dr.Kinney's complete adventures available in one volume.


Leonaur Classic Science Fiction

Robert E. Howard

Almuric is a savage planet of crumbling ruins and near humans. Into this strange world comes Esau Cairn, Earthman, swordsman, murderer. Only he can overthrow the terrible devils that enslave Almuric, but to do so he must first defeat the inner demons that forced him to abandon Earth.