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Jack L. Chalker

The Labyrinth of Dreams

G.O.D. Inc.: Book 1

Jack L. Chalker

Meet the Horowitzes. Sam and Brandy are private eyes, finding no business, going dead broke - or maybe just dead! A missing person case may save them: find Martin Whitlock, a hotshot banker who skipped town with over two million in laundered drug money.

Whitlock's trail led from a posh mansion to a hick burg in Oregon, and the G. O. D. Inc., those geeks who hawk overpriced garbage on late-night TV. They found their man(?); in fact, they found three of him(?). One was female. One was dead. The third was just plain dangerous.

They found themselves involved with a mob far more powerful and vicious than the Mafia. McInerny, Oregon wasn't just off the map. It was off the Earth! It was the entrance into the Labyrinth of Dreams

The Shadow Dancers

G.O.D. Inc.: Book 2

Jack L. Chalker

It was the ultimate case: to stop the ultimate drug...

I'm Horowitz. Brandy Horowitz. My husband, Sam, and I are private eyes who take cases for G.O.D., Inc. - the outfit that runs the Labyrinth to infinite alternate Earths filled with crime, danger... and murder.

Power-mad fanatics are running a narcotic V.D. that spreads like a bug, works like a drug, and one touch hooks you for good. You don't become a junkie... you become a zombie. 'Cause this monkey's not just on your back, but in your brain - it's got a mind, and if you kick it, it kicks back with madness and death.

So this beautiful black PI and wonderful Jewish sleuth have to smash the source before the drug-bug reaches our client's Home World. But the opposition's got fake Sams and Brandys set up in headquarters on the two worlds that hold any possible leads: one that never heard of civil rights... and one ruled by Nazis.

The Maze in the Mirror

G.O.D. Inc.: Book 3

Jack L. Chalker

Third in the G.O.D. series, this novel features the characters of Sam and Brandy Horowitz. Horowitz, private eye, works for G.O.D., Inc. - the company that rules the Labyrinth between infinite alternate Earths. He becomes involved with rebels who plan to wreck the Labyrinth.

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