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Eric Frank Russell

Sentinels from Space / The Ultimate Invader and Other Science-Fiction

Ace Double D-Series: Book 44

Eric Frank Russell
Donald A. Wollheim

Sentinels from Space

A peril-packed novel by the acclaimed author of Men, Martians and Machines, the story involves an attack on Earth by both Venus and Mars -- and features sabotage squads with the ability to read thoughts, start fires by merely pointing a finger, and change their appearance to match anyone's. And now interplanetary agent David Raven is asked to outwit them all and restore peace.

The Ultimate Invader and Other Science-Fiction


  • The Ultimate Invader - (1954) - novella by Eric Frank Russell (variant of Design for Great-Day 1953)
  • Alien Envoy - (1944) - novelette by Malcolm Jameson
  • Malignant Marauder - novelette by Murray Leinster (variant of Dead City 1946)
  • The Temporal Transgressor - novelette by Frank Belknap Long (variant of Bridgehead 1944)

Three to Conquer / Doomsday Eve

Ace Double D-Series: Book 215

Eric Frank Russell
Robert Moore Williams

Three to Conquer

It's the day-after-tomorrow in the USA. Wade Harper is a telepath, as far as he knows the only one in existence. He has managed to keep his paranormal abilities concealed, sure in the knowledge that his beloved government will try anything, including vivisection, to attempt to learn the source of his power. Until a chance encounter reveals to Harper that alien beings have invaded Earth --- and no one else on the planet can possibly detect them! Can he battle the menace without giving up his treasured secrecy?

Doomsday Eve

Williams' apocalyptic future is an Earth which has been at war for half-a-century, with just enough use of atomics to destroy cities and industries, but not enough to wipe out the planet--yet.

Stories are circulating in North America about strange people who seem to have even stranger abilites. Naturally the war government wants to find these people, if they exist, and conscript them. With manpower at a premium, a single intelligence agent, Kurt Zen, is sent to run down the rumors. To his astonishment, he discovers that every one of the far-fetched rumors was true, and that this band of "new people" represents normal humanity's only prayer for survival!

The Space Willies / Six Worlds Yonder

Ace Double D-Series: Book 315

Eric Frank Russell

Six Worlds Yonder

Stories in this collection:

  • The Waitabits
  • Tieline
  • Top Secret
  • Nothing New
  • Into Your Tent I'll Creep
  • Diabologic

The Space Willies

An Earthman's tongue is his deadliest weapon

There was a common understanding in the Space Navy that scout-pilots were a breed apart--cocksure, reckless, and slightly nuts. But it was also understood that when a really dangerous job had to be done, a scout-pilot was the man to do it.

So for John Leeming, a couple of months of dodging death in a one-man ship, zipping in and out of the enemy Combine's rearguard, was just another one of those jobs. And there was no man in the Universe more surprised than Leeming when his heretofore indestructible ship just gave up the ghost smack in the middle of a Combine-held prison planet!

It was then that the spirit of the Scout Corps had its chance to shine. With self-confidence as his only weapon, Leeming had only two choices: give in to the enemy and be captured...or quick-talk them into a real case of THE SPACE WILLIES!

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