Under the Dome

Stephen King
Under the Dome Cover

Under the Dome Human Character Magnified


I read "Under the Dome" by Stephen King of this list and enjoyed it very much. King is an amazing author because his books can be huge volumes and yet you are stumbling over yourself to get to the next page, so it is a quick read. The only way it can be a quick read is if it is well written, which it is. You cannot wait to find out what is next.

I love zombie stories - which this is not - because they put normal people into a situation where society's rules / mores vanish, respected authority disappears. So what happens next? Well, unfortunately what happens next between the survivors is not much prettier than what the zombies do. And that's the heartbreaking truth about us. This book is exactly that, without the zombies: people turning on each other just when they should be working together. The result is a firestorm - literally.

Enjoyed the book, recommend it to all individuals who enjoyed Lord of the Flies, 28 Days Later, and fear human evil that's just beneath the surface - perhaps a thin surface.