A Choice of Gods

Clifford D. Simak
A Choice of Gods Cover

A Choice of Gods


Almost all of mankind has been mysteriously whisked away. Those remaining slowly realized that they no longer get sick and age extremely slow living to 8,000 years. There are 3 groups left. The Indians return to the nomadic lifestyle and discover an unusual ability to commune with nature and mother Earth. Another group of "white" people develop the paraphysic ability to teleport and communicate across the universe and everyone leaves earth except Martha and John Whitney. These abilities seem to have developed due to the lack of technology.

There is a third group but we are introduced to only one person of this group who apparently has the ability to kill or heal with his mind. He even gives an alien a soul. Then there are the robots, some serving the Whitney's, some working on the Project and some carrying on the Christian religion.

Jason's brother John returns from the center of the galaxy reporting that he has found the lost People and that they are returning to Earth. John also reports that he has found a cold frightening intelligence at the center of the galaxy.

The premise of this story is interesting and the choice of gods seems to be between nature, technology or the central intelligence?? I guess it's up to the reader to decide.

I liked the character development and story-line but sometimes Simak seems to get carried away with his descriptions and internal monologues.