The Rolling Stones

Robert A. Heinlein
The Rolling Stones Cover

The Rolling Stones (Space Family Stone)


The easiest way to describe this book is that it's an amusing family road trip... in space.

I've come to adore Heinlein's dry sense of humour, which often appears in one or two characters in his books, but here, we have a whole family of smartasses. From Captain to Doctor, to grandmother, to daughter, to entrepreneurial twins, and a determined little boy with typical little boy stubborness. Oh and flat cats, which are best described as, well, tribbles, but flatter.

The description of this book focuses on the twins, but Castor and Pollux are nothing without the support of their family--and what a supportive family it is. Even when their father is threatening to shove them out of an airlock, or their mother is quietly rolling her eyes at their antics, this is clearly not the dysfunctional family they seem to pretend to be. They are a tight knight group where loyalty and love is evident, even through the sarcasm and idle threats. The Stones are what every family should aspire to be like, and this book was what every family trip wishes it could be (though maybe without the deadly diseases and other critical threats of interplanetary travel.