A Choice of Gods

Clifford D. Simak
A Choice of Gods Cover

A Choice of Gods - Yes we did mess up the planet


As a Simak fan this book suffers somewhat from his ability to wander into lengthy poetical writing and extended debate through dialogue.

That being said, this makes this a lesser novel compared to Way Station but still very well worth the read because anything Simak is way above average.

The main reason to read this is the relevance this novel has todays world. We are all worrying right now about messing up the planet and this novel suggests that we will; but at the same time and given the right cricumstances the human race can become a species who understands nature, pain, compassion, the soul and develop powers which others can only dream of having.

....and to deliver this message using characters such as a religious robots and aliens literally in the form of a can of worms.... is very impressive

Oh and it doesnt just stop there religion and the human soul is dealt with as well.

This book should be on the compulsory reading list for world leaders, politicians, economists, philiosphers and theologians alike.