Robert Charles Wilson
Vortex Cover



Vortex provides a wonderful conclusion to a series that I have enjoyed, and it finally provides some of the answers to the questions first raised in Spin. The narrative manages to handle both large and small scale, by focusing on two storylines that are separated by 10,000 years. Each of these stories are entertaining in their own right and complementary to one another, and they are tied together beautifully in the final act. In the far future, the story follows Turk Findley, who has awaken to find himself a guest of the fanatical limbic democracy Vox, a mobile nation that is headed for the dead Earth and communion with the Hypotheticals. His story is somehow transferred into the mind of Orrin Mather, a drifter who lived on the dying Earth in the time of Turk's youth. The novel relates the grandeur and horror of events that have shaped humanity and the universe, without losing touch with the emotional, human journey of its handful of characters. I'm happy that the series has ended on such a high note, though I am a bit sad that my experience of this interesting universe and its characters has now come to a close.

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