Random Acts of Senseless Violence

Jack Womack
Random Acts of Senseless Violence Cover

Random Acts of Senseless Violence


Told from the point of view of a 12 year old girl, Lola, who gets a diary from her parents. The story that unfolds is all told via the entries from her diary.

America has broken down and anarchy is rife throughout society. There is presedential assasinations and the economy has tanked. Lola and her family go from living in a nice part of New York to down town where her family have to adjust and are unable to handle the changes. Lola manages to adjust but at a cost to her humanity.

The reader needs to realise that as this is written from a young persons perspective the grammer and punctuation throughout is patchy. This manages to enhance the story telling in my opinion, but in some cases there is dialogue from multiple characters which the reader has to work out who is saying what.

Really enjoyed this and will try and read some more of Womack's work in the future.