Ramez Naam
Crux Cover



Crux by Ramez Naam

Whoa! This sequel moved faster than the first book Nexus. Since the characters are already known, there's no need for explanation and this story just goes. No sequel slump here!

The results of unleashing Nexus 5 are starting to make themselves known. The more conservative factions are determined to find the "back door" to shut it down. The more violent radicals are determined to use it to destroy. Children born with the Nexus connection are being exploited. Sound familiar? This series is scary, if you think about it and relate it to what is going on the world today.

Apex, the third novel in the series, is supposed to be out in May 2015. If you haven't read Nexus and Crux, you have time. If you have, May 2015 is too long to wait.