Under the Dome

Stephen King
Under the Dome Cover

Under the Dome


There are a lot of things about this book I enjoyed. To start with there is a list of characters at the start of the book along with a map of the town the story is set in. I really liked both of these, particularly early on when I was getting to know the characters and everything that happens in the town.

Also the beginning of the book was really enthralling as none of the characters knew what was happening when the dome suddenly appeared. We get to see all this which includes a lot of carnage and wonderment from those involved. This made the start of the book really enjoyable to read before it began to settle down about.

At over 800 pages it is a long book but I found it easy to read as it was pacy and had a lot of dialogue. The only downside to the book in my opinion is that the chapters wre very oftne far too short. We were constantly flipping back and forth before storylines and although I do enjoy this I felt there could have been more depth by focusing on just a single character or characters for longer periods of the book.

It was not as challenging to read as other Stephen King books I have read. It is a very good story with plenty happening.