The Water Room

Christopher Fowler
The Water Room Cover

The Water Room: A Peculiar Crimes Unit Mystery


I was a bit disappointed with this book. I love the characters Bryant and May, two far beyond retirement age policemen who are given odd cases to solve in their own inimitable way. This one was about a series of murders in a tiny London street, and involved the hidden rivers of London, but in my opinion it was far too jam-packed with redundant information about the history of the ancient rivers, it moved at snail's pace,and crossed the "t"s and dotted the "i"s far to many times. Good ideas and good characters bogged down in excessive detail, so it ended up for me as a very boring read. Not sure if I will continiue the series, as I had the same issues with the first book in the series, Full Dark House, which spent hundreds of pages descibing an old theatre in excruciating detail. You need to be a history buff on esoteric subjects to enjoy these books fully, and I am not one of them!