Santa Olivia

Jacqueline Carey
Santa Olivia Cover

Santa Olivia - Jacqueline Carey


...Carey obviously chose to write something different from what she's know for and the result turned out very well indeed. Santa Olivia is book that is very hard to include in a genre. I've seen it called science fiction or urban fantasy, some drew a parallel with superhero comics and others even wondered if it was meant to be young adult (given the content I'd say no). Personally I think it has a distinct post-apocalyptic flavour. Whatever genre you put it in the result is a great read. Do not expect the rich, erotic fantasy of the Kushiel series however. I certainly hope Carey will keep on writing other books besides Kushiel. While I see the (economic) appeal of keeping that series going, a fresh start in a new setting obviously did her writing a world of good. This book may well end up on my best of 2009 list.

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