The Falling Woman

Pat Murphy
The Falling Woman Cover

The Falling Woman - 2014 WoGF Challenge


The Falling Woman by Pat Murphy
2014 WoGF Challenge #2
3.5 Stars

Elizabeth Butler is an archaeologist studying Mayan ruins. She sees shadows of dead people going about their daily lives, which helps her figure out the purpose of the findings of her group. The story centers on her relationship with her daughter Diane, who seeks her estranged mother in the remote Mexican jungle after the death of her father.

Zuhuy-kak is a Mayan priestess who wants the glory of her goddess back. She is one of the shadows that Elizabeth sees, but unlike the rest of Elizabeth's shadows, Zuhuy-kak can see and speak to Elizabeth. She has survived one the Mayan rites of human sacrifice and thus was elevated in status. The reader learns of her fate through the excavation of the archaeological site and learns some Mayan history as well. Through the thoughts and actions of Elizabeth, Diane and Zuhuy-kak, one begins to wonder - are the shadows real? Or are they figments of a mentally ill person's imagination?

I've had this book on my TBR pile for years and the WoGF Challenge finally gave me an excuse to read it. It is a character driven book and well worth reading.