Childhood's End

Arthur C. Clarke
Childhood's End Cover

Childhood's End


Arthur C. Clarke is one of my favorite author's, I like nearly everything he wrote (that I read). So, when I wanted something quick (only 255 pages) and nice to read, I picked up Het einde van het begin (or Childhood's End).

Aliens have come, with great ships hanging over the world's most important cities. But all they want to do is help. They do this by taking over world government. They bring peace, an end to hunger and prosperity for all. But they refuse to show themselves, knowing that in the consciousness of mankind their image is saved up as the manifestation of pure evil. What do the new rules really want? Who are they? And can humankind keep its humanity?

The book covers several periods of time; the arrival of the Overlords, the showing of their bodies, and the end of their plan. This makes the story feels much longer and bigger than it is. Trust Clarke to cover so much in so few pages and still not make it feel rushed. I think this is another Clarke classic, and I am glad I read it. Four out of five stars.