Rogue Moon

Algis Budrys
Rogue Moon Cover



I admire Algis Budrys for taking a look at the big picture by crafting a story about a scientist that takes an existential journey within himself. Said trip parallels his journey on the moon and his research getting there or whatever. Looking at what I call the Big Freaking Picture is cool. I've seen "The Tree of Life" and I don't need the lecture, people. I guess that's what we're supposed to take from this one but I DIGRESS:

What I took from this novel is the tale of the stuntman that is Al Barker, who OWNS. I learned that if you lose your leg while out doing stunts and just be a TOTAL BADASS in general you have the opportunity to get a hot wife, huge mansion with a swimming pool, and a really fast car.

So I think I'm going to go to the nearest surgeon and see if I can get my leg removed and then I might get intlo a one-legged MMA match with Brock Lesnar. Less of me that he can grapple. See, I'm thinking ahead like my man Al Barker.

I'm the smartest man alive.