Nnedi Okorafor
Lagoon Cover



Relatively early novel by this accomplished author, perhaps a bit of sophomore slump. Alien invasion, diverse cast, but a lot of stereotypes and difficult dialogue. It is a relatively quick read.

I liked the construction of the aliens (and our scientist main character for working that angle), and the diverse cast of main characters. Were they brought together, or was it happenstance? How do these "powers" fit into the story - were they given by the aliens long ago? The aliens aren't omniscient, at least.

The dialog was problematic, and heavily criticized by a Nigerian reviewer of the story. Not sure if Okorafor was trying to reach two audiences, but this aspect has been greatly reduced in later books and stories. The caricature characters were mostly unwelcome, telling only a small and unnecessary piece of the story. One other criticism, the point of view sometimes jumps within a paragraph.

I like her later works and plan to read more, but I can only recommend a few aspects of this earlier book. 2½ stars (out of 5).