A Psalm for the Wild-Built

Becky Chambers
A Psalm for the Wild-Built Cover

A Psalm for the Wild-Built


I really liked the first sentence of this: "Sometimes a person reaches a point in their life when it becomes absolutely essential to get the fuck out of the city."

My idea was only to start reading, but this is a really fast read, that I read in one sitting. The characters were very interesting and the story is open to many interpretations.

Mine were:


I know that this is open to a lot of interpretations, but as I saw it what the monk feels is uncomfortable in the middle of this utopic, orderly society. A society so compromised to maintaining its equilibrium with nature that is drilled into every person not to get away from trails in the middle of wild places so nature won't be disturbed.

I think that utopias are great but humans aren't used to it. There is still the great instinct and inner urge of going out to explore and face dangers and difficulties and that is what I think the monk feels.

The robot asks what humans need and from this story I concluded that humans need freedom, even sometimes from an utopia.

****end of spoiler*****