One Day All This Will Be Yours

Adrian Tchaikovsky
One Day All This Will Be Yours Cover

Time and again, again, again…


Now I am a an amateur connoisseur of time travel stories - I have been reading them for over 50 years, after all, from everyone from Bob H to Clifford Simak to Harrison, van Vogt, de Camp, Asimov, Anderson - and this is a VERY worthy addition to the pantheon.

I mean, a curmudgeonly farmer with a pet allosaur that eats time travellers; fractured time lines, carousing with Homeric sailors - what's not to love? It is clever, funny and grim in equal parts and the ONLY thing wrong with it is that it was too short. Or maybe just long enough - I don't know, I just know that I wanted it to be longer. Great operetta, Mr Tchaikovsky!