Macaque Attack

Gareth L. Powell
Macaque Attack Cover

Macaque Attack (Complete Trilogy)


I started the first book with no expectation other than a rollicking good yarn, as the old critics would have it. That's exactly what I got, and I shrugged off some of the annoying discrepancies (macaques are not big enough to do most of what Ack-Ack did), and ploughed on, deeper into the increasingly marvellous atom punk world.

And on. And on. And suddenly it was the end of the second book, and things were far more complex than they had been, and it more than just a good jape with a monkey, that was a satire of the Battle of Britain.

The end is quite breathtaking. The complexity ramped up until it was easily as good as similarly universe-spanning books I've read recently, and I was left with regret once I'd FINALLY closed it off. Cracking good stuff!