We Are Legion (We Are Bob)

Dennis E. Taylor
We Are Legion (We Are Bob) Cover

We Are Legion (We Are Bob) - Dennis E Taylor


Quick sci-fi read that has humor, cultural references, and problem solving. Pulpy and remotely plausible. My biggest complaint is the abrupt end.

As all three books were published in 2016-2017, it appears the author had all three written and ready. I like a first trilogy book that stands on its own, and this one barely does. The ending is a milestone, but there are other balls still in the air, and other mysteries yet unsolved. From a friends review, it appears the second book doesn't solve many of those, so I will be sure to budget the time to read both at once.

A fourth book was published a few years later, in the decade that was 2020. Taylor has other books also, and I look forward to reading something outside this universe (Bobiverse).