New Suns

Nisi Shawl
New Suns Cover

A Solid Anthology


This fun anthology of seventeen stories has introduced me to several new authors that I am eager to read more from. Aside from the Sturgeon-nominated short story The Galactic Tourist Industrial Complex by Tobias S. Buckell, here are some of my favorites:

The Virtue of Unfaithful Translations by Minsoo Kang - Two translators avert a bloody conflict between a mad emperor and a pirate warlord.

Come Home to Atropos by Steven Barnes - An infomercial for the Carribean island of Atropos, the hottest "euthotourist" destination in the world.

Three Variations on a Theme of Imperial Attire by E. Lily Yu - The folktale of The Emperor's New Clothes as retold through the lens of the modern politcal climate.

Harvest by Rebecca Roanhorse - A woman falls in love with a Deer Woman, and will do anything for her.