Books of Blood, Volume I

Clive Barker
Books of Blood, Volume I Cover

Books of Blood, Volume I


As a self proclaimed horror fan, I have read a pitiful amount of Clive Barker. This particular series has been in my TBR list over on WWE since 2013. This first book in the series contained:

The Book of Blood *3
The Midnight Meat Train *3
The Yattering and Jack *4
Pig Blood Blues *3
Sex, Death and Starshine *5
In The Hills, The Cities *5

I found this collection of short stories shocking, but not in the way one would think. There was so much range of emotion, way beyond the splatterfest I was expecting. The Book of Blood, Pig Blood Blues, and especially The Midnight Meat Train all had a decent amount of the red stuff, but The Yattering and Jack was actually quite funny and Sex, Death and Starshine was sort of sweet and touching with sick, twisted happy ending. Although it had it's fair share of blood, my favorite story was probably In the Hills, The Cities. It started out so mundane, a couple on their honeymoon traveling around eastern Europe, but it goes to such a strange, and dark place, with a very tragic ending.

This is a book for horror fans of all ilk. It was not what I expected, but I was not disappointed in any way.