The Book of Three

Lloyd Alexander
The Book of Three Cover

The Book of Three


Who doesn't appreciate the chance to use the word bildungsroman in a review? This coming of age story contains much humor and now-standard fantasy tropes. It is also a quick read and makes up a complete story, despite being the first of a five book series (with an added short story anthology).

While not part of the classic "Appendix N", it should be - the bard is well defined in these pages. The magic and characters are creative, though dour dwarf Doli is close to caricature. Perhaps his story is explored in a future volume.

I recommend it and look forward to reading more from the author and setting. I understand the fifth book contains a map, which I intend to peruse before diving into The Black Cauldron. Yes, the first two books inspired Disney's famed flop, which is probably also worth a rewatch.