The Planet Mappers

E. Everett Evans
The Planet Mappers Cover

The Planet Mappers


Hardy Boys In Spaaaaace!

Yes, this is one of those tiresome juvenile Sf stories full of 'gee whiz, golly, shucks' and incredibly creative, clever and outstanding young male teens. They take complete control of a space mission while Dad is conveniently indisposed by a fortunately non-fatal encounter with a space rock. With Dad nicely out of the way, the whole family now depends on the ingenious teen boys. The cliché mother, who is inexplicably on the trip for no other reason than to cook, clean and worry, is utterly and totally useless.

What begins as a survey mission turns into a combination survival/compeition with a scurrilous scalawag who wants to steal all their work. The boys, with a tiny bit of support from an enfeebled father, do their gosh-darndest to win the day.

Yes, the language is that bad. It is so cloyingly over the top it's difficult to plow through the story.

Re-read a Hardy Boy book instead.