Tomorrow's Children

Isaac Asimov
Tomorrow's Children Cover

Tomorrow's Children: 18 Tales of Fantasy and Science Fiction


Interesting collection with all the big name writers of 1950's Science Fiction. Most of the stories are a little limited compared to today's huge series and elaborately crafted worlds/cultures. A lot of the stories seem small, with just one element of typical 1950's American suburban life tweaked by one Alien detail or technology. I picked it up primarily for Ray Bradbury's entry, "All Summer in a Day", which I believe is the first science fiction story I ever read as a child. The image of children gazing out their school windows at the endless rain of Venus has never left me and set me up as a science fiction fan (in all medias) for life. I know I was pretty young, because I remember being really disappointed to discover that Venus' atmosphere was poisonous! I also enjoyed James H. Schmitz entry "Novice", the first of his Federation of the Hub series, which has held up very well and has been republished by Baen (and is on my to read pile). Worthwhile for a taste of classic sci fi.