The Man Of Bronze

Kenneth Robeson
The Man Of Bronze  Cover

The Man Of Bronze


Really enjoyed this novel, for me a reread after a fifteen year hiatus from Doc Savage. Like most series Doc novels are very formulaic and can be read in any sequence desired. With the exception "The Man of Bronze" is an essential first read for the Doc Savage series.

You are introduced to Doc and the reason he gets involved fighting arch villains. The five compatriots are introduced, their strengths and idiosyncrasies explained. The Hidalgo Trading Company will be referred to in most if not all Doc novels. Learn the where, why and how of it's establishment.

As you read a Doc novel you will probably feel you've read or seen this basic storyline before with slightly different twists. That's because Lester Dent, the author or controlling co-author of all Doc Savage Novels, wrote "Master Fiction Plot" followed to a great extent by many later on. Fact check me on this with an internet search of "lester dent formula".

On my rediscovery tour of Doc Savage novels I'm moving on to the second submission of the Lester Dent's to Street & Smith Publications, Inc., "The Land of Terror". If you are following along, that is Doc Savage Novels # 8 in Bantam Books.