Adulthood Rites

Octavia E. Butler
Adulthood Rites Cover

Adulthood Rites


In the middle book of her Xenogenesis trilogy, Butler introduces us to the human-Oankali hybrid boy, Akin. He is Lilith's son and the story tells of his growth from birth (including his "metamorphosis"), while at the same time focusing on his efforts to understand and help the "resisters" -- those groups of humans who rebel against the Oankali and stubbornly try to maintain their own way of life on Earth.

The resisters are sterile, but Akin attempts to recruit a group to go to Mars, which will be terraformed for their use. The attraction is that they will be given the ability to have children on their own returned to them AND may also live outside of all Oankali influence.

Akin is a great character. Like the previous book in the series, the reader is utterly transported into this one-of-a-kind sci-fi gem of a series. Butler is gold.