Naomi Novik
Uprooted Cover



Oh, this novel grated on my nerves. Please authors for the love of our young women, stop trying to teach these same young women that the bad guy who treats us like shite just needs our patience and time, because he is really a good guy, deep down. Please young women, the guy who is verbally and/or physically abusive to you is not going to turn from a beast into a prince, if you just have patience. he is only going to hurt you.

This story had every tired, clichéd, fantasy trope in it.

The beast, check
The ignorant peasant girl who has a secret power, check
Magic beans, trees, or other fauna, check
An evil queen, check
A court who's only apparent function was to show how good, pure and innocent the country heroine is. check

I just wanted this story to be over, and was glad when I got to the end.