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Dream Games

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Dream Games

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Author: Karl Hansen
Publisher: Event Horizon Ebooks, 2013
Ace Books, 1985
Series: Hybrid Universe: Book 2

1. War Games
2. Dream Games

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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The only humans left on Earth are aristocratic immortals, doomed to live out their perpetual youth as sex-cultists, lost in the euphoria of the dream game. Meanwhile, the all-powerful computer Cybermind commands the galaxy with its army of youthful Hybrid super-soldiers, captured and equipped with artificial memories and passions.

But random acts of terror have broken out—massive robberies and brutal mind-deaths that are perpetrated while the helpless victims swoon in the imagined ecstasies of virtual reality passion.

Enemies of the Cybermind, masters of illusion, two rebel Hybrid soldiers have become the ultimate terrorists. Fighting against the decadence of Earth, in search of their own pasts, Nate and Rissa are now the most feared of warriors. Living, loving, and killing as one, they are the Dream Hunters...


We stalked our prey. They were everywhere below, huddled together in their villages, sleeping, thinking they were safe. But they dreamed. Their dreams rose from their minds like smoke from a fire.

We hovered over a particular village, plucking dream filaments at random, following them back, letting their images unravel: hunting bison on horseback, stalking deer, pounding gold into sheets and making jewelry, making love with your friend's wife.

Dawn was near. Dream-hunters hunted best at night. We retreated before the advancing day, floating back the way we had come, dropping back to the garrison, going back to our bodies...


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