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Modern Fantasy: The Hundred Best Novels

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Modern Fantasy: The Hundred Best Novels

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Author: David Pringle
Publisher: Grafton, 1988

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Book Type: Non-Fiction
Genre: Fantasy
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Modern Fantasy: The 100 Best NovelsFocusing on novels written in English since the end of World War II, Pringle's selection is controversial, as any selection must be, but it is also a valuable guide to good reading in a field that is wider than it first appears to be. Pringle's informative comments on each title will help the reader select those titles that will be of immediate interest.

The book is comprised of a series of 100 essays, covering the years 1946 to 1987 and in order of publication, without any ranking. Although somewhat focused on works from the British Isles, it is considered an important critical summary of the science fiction field.

Pringle says of the book:

While covering no foreign-language fantasies and few children's or 'light' fantasies, "I have tried to make a balanced list, and in so doing I have included some books which are not really to my taste--they may well be other people's favourites, though. In truth, there are not a hundred masterpieces of modern fantasy, any more than there a hundred masterpieces of science fiction." "At least some of the novels I have selected are masterpieces of modern literature, full of beauty and wonder. The others are craftsmanlike entertainments which I happily commend to you for your enjoyment."

The books and authors covered in this volume are the basis for our Modern Fantasy: The 100 Best Novels list.


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Modern Fantasy: The Hundred Best Novels

- thegooddoctor


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