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The Innamorati

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The Innamorati

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Author: Midori Snyder
Publisher: Tor, 1998

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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A brilliant fantasy novel set in an alternate Renaissance Venice.

Do you know the city Labirinto? The blind know it, and the frustrated in love know it; the barren women, the silenced poets, the drunken priests, the stuttering actors -- all the unfortunates who suffer from cursed lives. They flock to the Maze at the heart of the city Labirinto to be relieved of their curses. It is said that when a pilgrim enters the Maze in good faith, any curse that hounds him will be lost within the twists and turns.

Four companions, the innamorati, are journeying across a richly imagined Renaissance Italy alive with magic to meet at the front of the great labyrinth. Here, their adventures will grow ever more baroque, comical, and magical until they achieve the heart of the Maze -- and, perhaps, their hearts' desires.


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The Innamorati

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