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A Specter is Haunting Texas

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A Specter is Haunting Texas

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Author: Fritz Leiber
Publisher: Galaxy Science Fiction, 1969

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Meet Scully Christoper Crockett La Cruz. Scully is an actor, an extrovert, and a lady's man. He is also an opportunist and a liberal on the side. Most conspicuously he is a Thin, a muscleless free-fall phenomenon whose home is the Sack circling the Moon, and who can only support life in Earth-gravity conditions by encasing himself in a titanium exoskeleton. To the inhabitants of the ravaged post World War III Earth, he looks outlandis, even sinister. To their women he looks attractive.

Earth looks equally odd to Scully. The uneasy truce brought about by the exhaustion of radioactive material has left the United States only partly inhabitable and wholly dominated by Texas. In fact there is no U.S.A., only Greater Texas. And a Greater Texas demands greater Texans. Hormone treatment has turned Texans into giants and their Mex slaves into unhappy dwarves resentful of their fate and ripe for revolution.

To the Mexes, Scully is a Sign, a talisman, a leader. To Scully, the Mexes are a Cause, their superstitious awe of him bringing his actor's vanity to the aid of his humanitarian impulses and forcing him to take the role they thrust upon him. Besides, there are women in the case.


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