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The Doom That Came to Dunwich

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The Doom That Came to Dunwich

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Author: Richard A. Lupoff
Publisher: Ventura Press, 2017

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Book Type: Collection
Genre: Horror
Sub-Genre Tags: Lovecraftian/Cthulhu Mythos
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"Did you know that DNA extracted from a laboratory mouse and injected into the cells of a common fruit fly has produced eyes on the legs of that fly? Eyes, young miss, eyes. Think of what you've just read."

Lovecraftian stories are the bread and butter of the true horror fan.

During his lifetime, Lovecraft himself encouraged other writers to develop stories in the vein we now call Lovecraftian: horror, based around the idea that Earth had been colonized by malign aliens in the remote past, long before mankind arose and became civilized, who eventually became worshipped and feared as evil Gods by their human servitors.

Eventually these aliens had been "banished" to another dimensional limbo by a benign Elder Race, but might one day return to reclaim the Earth "when the stars are right."

That deep seated unease threads through this collection of Richard. A Lupoff's short stories that seem to share a common universe.



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