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Akata Woman

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Akata Woman

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Author: Nnedi Okorafor
Publisher: Viking, 2022
Series: The Nsibidi Script: Book 3

1. Akata Witch
2. Akata Warrior
3. Akata Woman

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genre Tags: Contemporary Fantasy
Juvenile Fantasy
Mythic Fiction (Fantasy)
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From the moment Sunny Nwazue discovered she had mystical energy flowing in her blood, she sought to understand and control her powers. Throughout her adventures in Akata Witch and Akata Warrior, she had to navigate the balance between nearly everything in her life--America and Nigeria, the "normal" world and the one infused with juju, human and spirit, good daughter and powerful Leopard Person.

Now, those hard lessons and abilities are put to the test in a quest so dangerous and fantastical, it would be madness to go...but may destroy the world if she does not. With the help of her friends, Sunny embarks on a mission to find a precious object hidden deep in an otherworldly realm. Defeating the guardians of the prize will take more from Sunny than she has to give, and triumph will mean she will be forever changed.


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Akata Woman

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