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Interstellar Pig

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Interstellar Pig

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Author: William Sleator
Publisher: Bantam Dell Publishing Group, 1984
Series: Interstellar Pig: Book 1

1. Interstellar Pig

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Pulp
Soft SF
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(12 reads / 6 ratings)


Barney is all set to spend two weeks doing nothing at his parents' summer house. But then he meets the neighbors, and things start to get interesting. Zena, Manny, and Joe are not your average folks on vacation. In fact, Barney suspects they're not from Earth at all. Not only are they physically perfect in every way, but they don't seem to have jobs or permanent addresses, and they are addicted to a strange role-playing game called Interstellar Pig. As Barney finds himself sucked into their bizarre obsession, he begins to wonder if Interstellar Pig is just a game.


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Interstellar Pig

- Thomcat


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