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The Mental Wizard

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The Mental Wizard

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Author: Kenneth Robeson
Publisher: Bantam Books, 1970
Street & Smith Publications, Inc., 1937
Series: Doc Savage Novels: Book 53

1. The Man Of Bronze
2. The Thousand-Headed Man
3. Meteor Menace
4. The Polar Treasure
5. Brand of the Werewolf
6. The Lost Oasis
7. The Monsters
8. The Land of Terror
9. The Mystic Mullah
10. The Phantom City
11. Fear Cay
12. Quest of Qui
13. Land of Always-Night
14. The Fantastic Island
15. Murder Melody
16. The Spook Legion
17. The Red Skull
18. The Sargasso Ogre
19. Pirate of the Pacific
20. The Secret in the Sky
21. Cold Death
22. The Czar of Fear
23. Fortress of Solitude
24. The Green Eagle
25. The Devil's Playground
26. Death in Silver
27. Mystery Under the Sea
28. The Deadly Dwarf
29. The Other World
30. The Flaming Falcons
31. The Annihilist
32. Dust of Death
33. The Terror in the Navy
34. Mad Eyes
35. The Squeaking Goblin
36. Resurrection Day
37. Hex
38. Red Snow
39. World's Fair Goblin
40. The Dagger in the Sky
41. Merchants of Disaster
42. The Gold Ogre
43. The Man Who Shook the Earth
44. The Sea Magician
45. The Men Who Smiled No More
46. The Midas Man
47. Land of Long Juju
48. The Feathered Octopus
49. The Sea Angel
50. Devil on the Moon
51. Haunted Ocean
52. The Vanisher
53. The Mental Wizard
54. He Could Stop the World
55. The Golden Peril
56. The Giggling Ghosts
57. Poison Island
58. The Munitions Master
59. The Yellow Cloud
60. The Majii
61. The Living Fire Menace
62. The Pirate's Ghost
63. The Submarine Mystery
64. The Motion Menace
65. The Green Death
66. Mad Mesa
67. The Freckled Shark
68. Quest of the Spider
69. The Mystery on the Snow
70. Spook Hole
71. Murder Mirage
72. The Metal Master
73. The Seven Agate Devils
74. The Derrick Devil
75. The Land of Fear
76. The Black Spot
77. The South Pole Terror
78. The Crimson Serpent
79. The Devil Genghis
80. The King Maker
81. The Stone Man
82. The Evil Gnome
83. The Red Terrors
84. The Mountain Monster
85. The Boss of Terror
86. The Angry Ghost
87. The Spotted Men
88. The Roar Devil
89. The Magic Island
90. The Flying Goblin
91. The Purple Dragon
92. The Awful Egg
93. Tunnel Terror
94. The Hate Genius
95. The Red Spider
96. Mystery on Happy Bones

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Genre: Science-Fiction
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The massive creature -- a mile from head to toe! -- sleeps in the steaming jungle. Is the behemoth real, or has the golden enchantress "Z" conquered the magnificent Man of Bronze with the hypnotic power of her superhuman mind? Doc Savage meets his mental match when he uncovers the strange lost kingdom of the deadly Amazon

Lester Dent authored this novel under pseudonym Kenneth Robeson.


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