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Web of the Spider

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Web of the Spider

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Author: Andrew J. Offutt
Richard K. Lyon
Publisher: Timescape Books, 1981
Series: War of the Wizards: Book 3

1. The Demon in the Mirror
2. The Eyes of Sarsis
3. Web of the Spider

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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The dark and powerful wizard Ekron is locked in a war with his mortal enemy, another equally insidious wizard, Pyre.

But Ekron possesses a talent that was as potent and commanding as it was dangerous to himself: He could see into the future.

The future, once seen, could not be changed. Many times he had looked forward to see his plans fail.

While looking forward into one of his failed plans, Ekron saw the mighty Pyre make one blunder. It served to plant a single tenuous seed for later disaster.

And what of Tiana, the pirate queen, captain of Vixen?

Having found herself arrested for the crimes of piracy and high treason, her sentence was to be cremated alive.

During the trial, while she is pleading her case to High Magistrate Ishcon of the Grand Court of Thesia, he is mysteriously killed and suspended from the ceiling by a spider's web...

Tiana must escape to an alien land and bring about an end to this war between wizards.

Armed with a mysterious black box she goes to face Ekron and Pyre...


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