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Dead Sea

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Dead Sea

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Author: Brian Keene
Publisher: Deadite Press, 2011
Leisure Books, 2007

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Horror
Sub-Genre Tags: Zombies
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The city streets are no longer safe. They are filled instead with the living dead, rotting predators driven only by a need to kill and eat. Some of the living still struggle to survive, but with each passing day, their odds grow worse. Some survivors have fled, frantically searching for a place to escape, even briefly, the slaughter around them. For Lamar Reed and a handful of others, that safe haven is an old Coast Guard ship out at sea, with plenty of water between them and the zombies. These desperate survivors are completely isolated from the dangers of the mainland. But their haven will soon become a deathtrap, and they'll learn that isolation can also mean no escape!


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Dead Sea

- Acknud


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