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Kay Kenyon

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Kay Kenyon

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Full Name: Kay Kenyon
Born: July 2, 1956
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: American


When I was a child I read voraciously and indiscriminately, but my tastes even then tended toward fantasy and science fiction. Intriguing locales compelled me. When I discovered Tolkien, the hook was set; fantastic literature could be deep as well as fun. In college I majored in English Literature and went on to graduate school, hoping to write, but judging that I'd need a day job.

For several years I earned a living in the public sector, helping agencies express planning work in plain English and doing outreach for transportation projects. In my free time, I gradually began to put words on pages and sold my first novel, The Seeds of Time, in 1997. I published six stand alone science fiction novels before turning to a sci-fantasy series, The Entire and The Rose. This quartet received the highest praise of my career, including starred reviews from Publisher's Weekly and raves from the science fictional press.

My husband Tom Overcast and I have three grown sons and a large orange cat. After living in Seattle we moved across the mountains to Wenatchee for the smaller community, the beautiful foothills environment, and the sunny weather. We also spend time in Southern California--another desert community. Rainy weather is not for me, I guess.

I pass along what wisdom I can to aspiring writers. Thus my blog topics are often on writing and I am a founding board member of Write on the River, a writer's organization in North Central Washington. As well as staying connected to friends, family and fans on line, I attend writing and SF conventions around the country. The community of writers and readers inspires me and deepens my conviction that the writing life is the best there is.

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