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Edward M. Lerner

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Edward M. Lerner

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Full Name: Edward M. Lerner
Occupation: Writer, Physicist, Computer Scientist
Nationality: American


A physicist and computer scientist, Edward M. Lerner toiled in the vineyards of high tech for thirty years, as everything from engineer to senior vice president. Then, suitably intoxicated, he began writing full time.

His books range from near-future thrillers (most recently Fools' Experiments and Small Miracles) to interstellar epics (including the ongoing series of Fleet of Worlds novels in collaboration with NY Times bestselling author Larry Niven).

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 0. (2001)

 Known Space: Fleet of Worlds

 1. (2007)
 2. (2008)
 3. (2009)
 4. (2010)
 5. (2012)