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George F. Jewsbury

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George F. Jewsbury

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Full Name: George Frederick Jewsbury
Born: November 26, 1941
Occupation: Historian, Writer
Nationality: American


George F. Jewsbury (born November 26, 1941) is a historian who has collaborated on several best-selling textbooks in the Civilization: Past & Present series. He joined authors T. Walter Wallbank, Alastair M. Taylor, and Nels M. Bailkey, beginning with the single volume fifth edition. Jewsbury has also written several books on history, including Russian Annexation of Bessarabia, 1774-1828. He was a professor of history at Oklahoma State University, and is a specialist on Russia and the USSR.

Jewsbury is the uncle of author Neal Stephenson, and collaborated with his nephew on two different books, Interface (1994) and The Cobweb (1996). For these books he adopted the pseudonym J. Frederick George, and the two of them then adopted the collaborative pseudonym of Stephen Bury. It was revealed after the books' publications that Stephen Bury was a pseudonym for Neal Stephenson and his uncle, and it was then further revealed, after several years had passed, that "J. Frederick George" was a pseudonym for George Jewsbury.

Jewsbury is today a teacher at the École Active Bilingue Jeannine Manuel, an elite private school in Paris, France, where the majority of his students appreciate his ways of teaching. One of his 2011/2012 Terminale students says: "We all love Mr Jewsbury because he makes us love history".

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