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Laura J. Mixon

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Laura J. Mixon

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Full Name: Laura J. Mixon
Born: December 8, 1957
Roswell, New Mexico, USA
Occupation: Writer, Chemical Engineer, Environmental Engineer
Nationality: American


Laura J. Mixon also writes under the pen name of M. J. Locke

Laura J. Mixon is an American science fiction writer and a chemical and environmental engineer. In the 1980s, she took a break from that work to serve in the Peace Corps in East Africa.

In 2011, Mixon began publishing under the pen name Morgan J. Locke. Under that name, she is one of the writers for the group blog Eat Our Brains. Mixon writes about the impact of technology and environmental changes on personal identity and social structures. Her work has been the focus of academic studies on the intersection of technology, feminism, and gender. She has also experimented with interactive storytelling, in collaboration with game designer Chris Crawford.

Mixon won the 2015 Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer for an online commentary which described the venomous behavior of a female, left-leaning troll known as "Requires Hate" and "Winterfox" and the effects of that behavior on fandom and targeted individuals.

Mixon is married to SF writer and collaborator Steven Gould. They live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and have two daughters.

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