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Austin Hall

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Austin Hall

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Full Name: Austin Javen Hall
Born: April 27, 1880
Santa Clara, California, USA
Died: July 29, 1933
San Jose, California, USA
Occupation: writer, cowboy
Nationality: American


Austin Hall sold over 600 stories during his career as a writer. He was featured in Blue Book, Argosy, Weird Tales, Adventure and some of his stories have been reprinted in Famous Fantastic Mysteries Magazine. People of the Comet is the first time one of Hall's fantasies has been presented in book form. His original tale of adventure was "Hop o' My Thumb."

Austin Hall claimed to have started writing by mistake. An editor branded his first story "...the damndest lie ever concocted" -- and forthwith printed it.

Remisiscing of this great fantasy author, Forrest J. Ackerman tells us: "He reminded me in appearance of the mystery writer, Edgar Wallace. Hall called himslef the orneriest, commonest landlubber alive -- but I think he exaggerated a bit. He liked the great outdoors and good companions, the sky, the earth and everything in it. At the time of his demise he was extremely interested in the fictional panoramas of the Fourth Dimension."

Austin Hall also wrote "Almost Immortal", "The Redel Soul","Into the Infinite", "The Spot of Life" and in collaboration with Homer Eon Flint, "The Blind Spot."

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 Blind Spot

 1. (1921)
 2. (1932)


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