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Damien Broderick

The Dreaming Dragons

The Faustus Hexagram: Book 1

Damien Broderick

An anthropologist travels to the central Australian desert to search for the source of an aboriginal myth; he suspects the terrible "Rainbow Serpent" is connected to the sacred Uluru rock formations. The holographic "Gate" he discovers with his nephew explains not just the origin of a legend, but the origin of man, and the true fate of the dinosaurs.

The Judas Mandala

The Faustus Hexagram: Book 2

Damien Broderick

Maggie Roche is an out-of-work poet and single mother. Spied on by a cyborged rat, attacked, drugged into panic and rapture, seduced, drawn into conspiracy, she's flung four thousand years into her own future. In the alien world of the Ull- Upload Lifeform Lords who are human-machine hybrids of overwhelming power-she learns that she is history's first true time traveler, hunted by friend and foe to the end of time. The entire future of the cosmos will be reset by these terrifying events. The Judas Mandala introduced the terms "virtual reality" and "virtual matrix," anticipating Frank Tipler's influential Omega Point Theory, William Gibson's cyberpunk fiction, and The Matrix...

The Black Grail

The Faustus Hexagram: Book 4

Damien Broderick

Xaraf Firebridge tumbled a million years into the future - to find earth ruled by beings who could play with the fabric of space and time as if they were gods. Yet somewhere in the distant past, something they had done went terribly wrong...

Now in the shadow of Earth's dying sun, Xaraf is sent forth on a perilous quest to preserve the course of history. Accompanied by the wondrous sword Alamogordo and the woman warrior Glade, he seeks the Legendry City of Treet Hoowo. There he must confront the most destructive machines of a long dead civilisation... and a destiny undreamed by man or god.

Striped Holes

The Faustus Hexagram: Book 5

Damien Broderick

Sopwith Hammil is a popular but rather stupid TV presenter when a time machine lands in his living room. To save his life and the human race (they're turning the Sun off!), he must find a wife inside three hours. Meanwhile, 197 years later, in a world that makes 1984 look like Brave New World, beautiful Hsia Shan-Yun is fighting the future--and losing. Meanwhile, on Alpha Grommett, two married robots find their love-life has become depressingly mechanical. Meanwhile, the wacky astrologer O'Flaherty Gribble has discovered the long-lost secret of the Callisto Effect. Meanwhile, in a pact with the devil...

The Sea's Furthest End

The Faustus Hexagram: Book 6

Damien Broderick

On Shrirampur, Chakravalin Chakravatin is heir to a galactic empire being forged by his monstrous father, the dictator, Jagannatha, a man who has taken from him the woman he loves. Chakravalin has vowed to reclaim her and to stand against everything that Empire means... On Earth, young dayton Ellis struggles with approaching manhood--and with a larger mystery, alien beyond his comprehension... And watching over it all are the Kleth, immortal beings, withdrawn from human affairs, returned to their homeworld within the singularity at the galactic core....

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