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Space 1999: Year 1: Book 1

E. C. Tubb

Moonbase Alpha is Earth's supreme achievement. The dark side of the moon, once so mysterious, now stores containers of smoldering radioactive waste, refuse from Earth. Then, in 1999, the serene satellite is ripped apart by a thermonuclear explosion and the 311 inhabitants of Alpha whirl through space on a runaway moon where survival is a game of chance with the life forces of the universe.

Moon Odyssey

Space 1999: Year 1: Book 2

John Rankine

A freak explosion blasts the moon out of orbit. And the men and women of Moonbase Alpha unwittingly become courageous travelers on man's first intergalactic odyssey.

Joy turns to terror when Alpha's first infant grows up in a matter of second... an alien "gift" tranforms the barren moon into a sunny Eden... a deadly but primitive rocket from Earth makes Alpha the target for mass revenge... and the interstellar journey becomes a personal hell for the crew when they see how their lives might have been.

The Space Guardians

Space 1999: Year 1: Book 3

Brian N. Ball

Blasting through the cosmos on a collision course with adventure, the 311 inhabitants of Alpha travel to mysterious, uncharted regions of the galaxy. Each day is a game of survival with the merciless universe.

On Alpha, Commander Koenig is still breathing. His soul has been stolen by a dazzling woman in a purple city that exists in the realm of thought only. And blood runs cold when an alien force transforms a crewman into an icy, energy-consuming monster -- who won't stop until Alpha freezes over.

Collision Course

Space 1999: Year 1: Book 4

E. C. Tubb

A large asteroid hurtles through space on a collision course with the Moon. As Moonbase Alpha is located within the impact area, the staff quickly formulates a plan to avert disaster. To guarantee the asteroid's destruction, twelve nuclear charges will be planted at strategic locations.

But then a mysterious alien appears to Commander Koenig and says that their two worlds must collide for her race to be saved. Can Koenig believe her? Will anyone on Moonbase Alpha believe him?

Lunar Attack

Space 1999: Year 1: Book 5

John Rankine

Hurled from her ancient orbit by a nuclear holocaust, the Moon has become an interstellar wanderer. In their search for a new home planet, the personnel of Moonbase Alpha must now explore every possibility, no matter how bizarre or dangerous it might appear.

When the red planet glowed on the black velvet pad of Main Mission's big scanner, their hopes were raised again. But as approach and reconnaissance procedures were begun, three alien ships in tight formation streaked into view -- bringing a message of doom from their mothership, a mobile arsenal capable of blasting the entire Moon to dust.

Astral Quest

Space 1999: Year 1: Book 6

John Rankine

The undaunted Alphans are threatened by alien terrors as they challenge the ghostly forces of the galaxy.

When an ancient space scientist dies, he leaves Alpha his legacy -- a futuristic Frankenstein whose need for companionship may trap John Koenig for eternity... Alpha answers a cry for help and boards a huge vessel swarming with natives whose survival is horrifying... Emotions explode when four Alphans meet an uncanny space demon and only one lives to tell about it... And the Alphans discover the desolate planet that spread the first seeds of life on Earth.

Alien Seed

Space 1999: Year 1: Book 7

E. C. Tubb

Following the mind-staggering nuclear explosion which has sent the moon and its research station, Alpha, deep into space, Commander Koenig and his dedicated group of scientists have kept the base going and survived crisis after crisis.

Now a huge, mysterious object crashes into the moon a few miles from the research base. A search party goes out to investigate, and almost at once there starts a series of terrifying events which may put an end to the moon base's incredible odyssey.

Android Planet

Space 1999: Year 1: Book 8

John Rankine

The mysterious planet Pelorus stared out of Main Mission Control's star-scanning screen like a monstrous orange unblinking eye. Is it daring Alpha to make the first move?

Or is Pelorus -- millions of light years from Mother Earth -- their long-awaited new home?

The Alphans make their fateful choice, and they are thrust into the heart of an android world where superhuman beings wield bizarre weapons. Their only chance of rescue is to trust a humanoid tribe whose friendly smiles hide a secret of devastating impact.

Rogue Planet

Space 1999: Year 1: Book 9

E. C. Tubb

Many and strange have been the adventures of Moon Base Alpha and its crew since the atomic waste pits on the dark side of the Moon exploded and sent them careering out of Earth orbit, deep into unexplored space.

Always they have managed to overcome their perils and continue their strange Odyssey. Now, at last they seem to have reached the end of the road, as caught in a weird cone of force emanating from a sentient planet, they find themselves ageing at an incredible rate and powerless to break free.

Phoenix of Megaron

Space 1999: Year 1: Book 10

John Rankine

Stepping out of the wreckage of Eagle Seven, Commander John Koenig knew they were in deep trouble. Trapped on a hostile post-apocalyptic world, the Alphans were caught bang in the middle of a centuries-old battle between the peace-loving free people of Hyria and the violent mind-controlled citizens of Caster. If this was truly to be their new home, Koenig knew, for a start, he must end the conflict and bring freedom back to Caster.

But there was another power on the planet, one which had the knowledge of the past and its own plans for the future.


Space 1999: Year 1: Book 11

E. C. Tubb

This alternate version of Space: 1999 has the moon being knocked into an alternate dimension, speeding away from Earth. Twenty years later, the Alphans have become their own culture, with their own history.

Excavation on the moon reveals a spaceship half a million years old, filled with mummies of being so close to humans that a deadly disease is passed on to the Alphans. While battling they disease, they are learning how the alien starship drive works and attempting to employ it for themselves, but their experiments trap the moon in the event horizon of a black hole. They manage to escape -- barely -- and suddenly find themselves back in orbit around Earth.

But is this devastated planet really Earth?


Space 1999: Year 1: Book 12

E. C. Tubb

Blasted from Earth orbit by the explosion of radioactive waste pits on the lunar surface, the Moon has passed through a black sun into a strange, distant universe where few of the accepted laws of astrophysics apply. The stranded inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha have become interstellar wanderers, facing many hostile alien forces in their search for a new home.

The arrival of aliens from a dying planet offers the chance for one Alphan to travel with them to their final destination -- Earth... Planet Eden promises to bring the Alphans' long journey to an end, but the members of a survey team are stranded when their paradise suddenly becomes a living hell... A pair of alien exiles plan to use Moonbase Alpha as a platform from which to launch an invasion of their homeworld.