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Sheri S. Tepper

The End of the Game


Sheri S. Tepper

Combined Edition Which Includes Three Novels: Jinian Footseer, Dervish Daughter, and Jinian Star-Eye

Jinian Footseer

Jinian: Book 1

Sheri S. Tepper

Bright the sun burning, Night will come turning, Mothwings go spinning, End and beginning, Eye of the star, Where Old Gods are. Players, take your places The Land itself calls Game!

Dervish Daughter

Jinian: Book 2

Sheri S. Tepper

I am called Jinian Footseer by some. By some, Jinian Star-Eye. And by some, the Wizard Jinian. One or two call me Dervish Daughter On thinking it over, I decided I had been right all along. Everything I had told Peter was true. All the evidence pointed in one way and one way only. I felt as I had felt so long ago, travelling toward Bleer with Peter, when he put the clues to a mystery in my hands and asked me to make sense of it. Now, as then, all the pieces were in my hands, or my head. The great flitchhawk who had granted me a boon in Chimmerdong, and the d'bor wife, and the gobblemole. The story of Lite Star and the Daylight Bell. The Oracle. The Eesties. Yellow crystals and blue, separated by a thousand years of time. My illness in Chimmerdong, the diagnoses of Bartelmy of the Ban, the Dervish, my mother. All these. No matter how I turned them, there was no other explanation. Could anything be done?

Jinian Star-Eye

Jinian: Book 3

Sheri S. Tepper

"I'll need your help. Come night and the Oracle again, I'm going to try the final couplet."

"Jinian," Murzy breathed while Dodie looked white-eyed at me. "Dangerous."

"And fatal not to," I said, still smiling at them all...

I wove by forest and meadow, branch and leaf. I wove by stream and pool, by river and fall. I wove by cloud and air, by thunder and sunset glow. I wove by depths of the earth, rock and gem, glittering ores and crystals blooming in the dark, old bone and new. Beside me the others wove as well...

"And all within sound of my voice or reach of the wind," I cried, thrusting my voice like a Sending, like a magic spear, driving it upward. "And all within sound of my voice or lick of the wave, or all within sound of my voice or stretch of the soil, or all within sound of my voice where green grows and leaf springs up. Named or unnamed, silent or speaking. Let this message be brought, By the Eye of the Star, Where Old Gods Are!"

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