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Ron Goulart

Death Cell

Jack Summer: Book 1

Ron Goulart

Hugger-Mugger on Murdstone

It was only a backwater planet, but there were hints of a sensational story somewhere on Murdstone--and Jack Summer, top reporter for Muckrake, the galactic newsmag, drew the assignment. Summer, abetted if not aided by Palma, the horniest photographer in the known universe, scoured Murdstone for the story, working his way through dangers and damsels with equal enthusiasm.

Ron Goulart's acid zaniness is something new in acience fiction--and it approaches its ultimate in this first of many exploits of Summer of Muckrake.


Jack Summer: Book 2

Ron Goulart

Nuthatch on Noventa

A zombie factory.. a mad slasher... lecherous lizards... Was this any way to run a planet?

Muckrake magazine didn't think so. They sent their ace reported Jack Summer to rake up a little much about the corrupt government of Noventa.

They even gave him a rake: Palma, the horniest photographer this side of Alpha Centauri....

A Whiff of Madness

Jack Summer: Book 3

Ron Goulart

Of all the colonized galaxy, the Barnum system was the whackiest. Nobody could ever predict what would be likely to happen there, so it was no surprise to newsman Jack Summer when he was sent to check out the King of Laranja East on the planet Peregrine.

But surprises were waiting for him anyway in the person of the universes most lecherous photographer, in the weird claimant to the Starbuck fortune, in the highwaywoman known as the Scarlet Angel, and in the numerous angry catmen, scheming lizardmen, and finally in the person of the wily King Waldo, who alone could bring justice to the land, even though he himself was surely the notorious Phantom of the Fog!

Galaxy Jane

Jack Summer: Book 4

Ron Goulart


Space Pirate... Galactic Looter... Rebel Leader

Her life story was legendary--the stuff of which movies are mande. Now, years after her death, the film version of GALAXY JANE is in production on the planet she made famous.

The planet is known for something else, too--the deadly addictive drug called Zombium, illegal on all civilized worlds.

The film crew appears to be working hard... but not just on GALAXY JANE. Drug smuggling is as exciting as making movies--and it pays better--but the blood spilled is real, and the victims stay dead...

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